A month of joint work with a Hollywood film studio on the documentary project “Every Day”.



It has been almost a month that UIMC together with one of the best Hollywood film studios STARLIGHT Entertainment Group Co. have been working on the NFT film and art project “Every Day”. For almost a month, our film crew, shooting footage from the front line, shares the horror of war, so the world knows the truth.
The goal of the project is to make the world remember the hard struggle of the Ukrainian people for independence, which is worth thousands of lives. We are creating a series about invincible, indomitable and brave heroes. Our scripts are real stories, our shots are real war, and our people are real heroes.
We take a very responsible approach to our mission, coordinating all our actions with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, with whom we recently had a meeting. The support and help of the Government is very important for us, because we are all working for the victory of Ukraine, for the support of our heroes who give their lives for our future and the future of our descendants.
We are infinitely grateful to our heroes and do everything to ensure that their exploits are not forgotten.

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