The main strategic objective

To provide the development and improvement in different directions, forms and means of global multi-cooperation between the CIS countries and China. In fields from art to show-business, film production, business and finance.

The main activity

To create, maintain and develop essential objectives in art and business projects.

Our cooperation

The UIMC works with numerous structures in Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan and China – of all forms of ownership and activities, including the support of the Ministry’s of Culture from mentioned above countries and the necessary government agencies.

The key priorities

• By using temporary free film studios and film production infrastructure in Ukraine to launch the new formats of international film production in Ukraine, oriented for the domestic market, the CIS, EU and China
• By using the accumulated base of the National Committee of the contest “Miss Ukraine” to develop the new online video-product and innovative online services
• By presenting the tremendous Ukrainian culture, in particular its art school, to create a positive image of Ukraine abroad, which will contribute to the development of the Ukrainian art market in the long term
• By creating other innovative commercial projects within the areas of the company activity.
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