Azerbaijani artist. Born in 1964 in Azerbaijan, in a small village near the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, on the banks of the river.

“My first canvas were the stones, my first brush – a tack. I scratched the pictures of women at the stones. Of course, they were all naked. And one day, all the villagers ran out of patience. I rushed into the yard full of angry people and found myself all alone with my creation. The father did not let the crowd mock me: “Take the stone to the river, but put this picture down.” In such a way, I learned what the Faith is.

In 4th grade, I moved to Baku. I was studying at the boarding school with an artistic bias, where my teacher Islam Muelim patiently hammered me into the basics of drawing. I was not the most grateful student. For the time being. Until the Master forgave my boyish prank. In such a way, I learned what Loyalty is.

Also during some time of my life, I had been living in the Kharkov monastery, painting the icons and tormenting my Teacher with mocking questions. In such a way I learned the price of Tolerance”. – Ali Shamsi says.