In the sky of China

Genre: Performative documentary based on the documentary-artistic novel

Author: Alexander Hubenko (grandson of Anton Hubenko) and Nikita Kashnitsky

The documentary novel “In the sky of China” reveals the formation famous Soviet pilot – Anton Hubenko (1908 – 1939). He grew up in a modest family of Ukrainian farmers, whose parents were saving money to provide their children with education. The story tells aboutthe childhood, youth, travels and adventures at the ancient East and the conquest of the sky of Anton Hubenko. Hubenko Anton became famous pilot, when defended China against Japanese invaders in the 1930-s. He had committed legendary for China feat at the sky – the first in the history of Soviet aviation air ram. For this and other non less important achievements Anton Hubenko awarded the title of National Hero of China (in 1938) and was awarded the Golden Order of the Republic of China. In 1939, Anton Hubenko received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

The authors of the book, publishing house “Summit Book” and UIMC have began the work on the translation on the Chinese language the novel “In the sky of China”.

The main goals for now are to publish the novel and write a film screen for the Ukrainian-Chinese film adaptation of the book.