The Missing Amber
Genre: Love story, crime, adventure.
This picture tells of a Chinese youth Su Zhenchu, who went in search of his missing father in a distant land. His father was in an accident and disappeared without a trace in the bordering territory of Poland with the unknown and mysterious country of Ukraine. Su Chzhenchu ​​immediately sent to a foreign country and was involved in a bloody showdown between leaders of two gangs – Ukrainian and Chinese who are fighting for control of smuggling from Ukraine to “sun stone” amber. Together with a local beauty, Ukrainian polismenshey Natasha, our heroes finally reveal the deal, detain the perpetrators, Su Chzhenchu ​​avenges his father.
The viewer, along with Su Zhenchuchi, is experiencing the leadership of the Chinese gang in the process of redemption of their sins. In this picture, in a landscape of exotic countries reveal two magnificent and touching love story – our hero Su Chzhenchuk with Ukrainian beauty Natasha and the leader of a gang of Chinese Sun Syzhuy with graceful, respectable and chaste girl, who is ballerina and beautiful Chinese Zhao Tsinnin.
The gang leader Sun Sizhui, experiencing various life vicissitudes, feels like an insect in amber and is struggling to get rid of these shackles. He wants to be cleansed and atone for sins, but, ultimately, he understands that he is helpless before the fate of his fate.
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Advantages of the project:
Detective stories are always interesting plot, especially if the “dress” them in the decoration of foreign territories, because the action takes place unknown to the Chinese audience, the mysterious and beautiful Ukraine. Incredibly also attracts a harmonious blend of East and West, displayed between inexperienced shy young man Su Chzhenchu ​​and adult attractive woman Natasha. And the unusual love story of the “White Swan” (Zhao Zinnin) and “Lucifer” (Sun Sizhui) will not leave anyone indifferent. The entire plot of the film is built on a highly developed logical thinking Su Chzhenchu ​​and stunning Natasha’s survival skills in a natural environment, depravity Syzhuya Sun and Zhao Tsinnin hill. The intertwining of such bright characters in one intriguing plot is unforgettable. Together with the main characters, the viewer experiences many dangerous adventures and looks at the pleasing view…