The creation of “Ukrainian International Union of Cybersport “

“Ukraine International Media Culture” in conjunction with the Ukrainian National Television “created the” Ukrainian International Union of Cybersport “, whose goals and objectives are the development of e-sports in Ukraine, holding all-Ukrainian and international competitions, capitalization and monopolization of this direction in Ukraine, providing bookmaking services and on-line broadcasts of competitions on video platforms of China, the USA, Europe and other countries.

Since May 4, 2017 UIMC together with UNT has conducted fifteen live broadcasts of reality TV show “TV-MISS UKRAINE”, on Chinese video platforms panda.tv and toutiao.com with the number of views of the first broadcasts of more than 21 million viewers.

* “Ukraine International Media Culture” – UIMC (www.uimc.com.ua) is one of the leading Ukrainian companies that works with Asian markets.

* “Ukrainian National Television – UNT Information Agency” – UNT (www.unt.ua) – the only information agency that has one of the largest television studios in Ukraine, equipped with the most modern television equipment.

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